Williams is no Pele, yet

[Lo siento, hispano parlantes. Esta nota fue preparada después de una discusión con seguidor que no habla nuestro idioma. ¡Practiquen el inglés].

Attached NYT article and my notes (see URL at the bottom) tell the story. Serena Williams has not attained a REAL “Grand Slam”: winning female singles in same year in all four “majors”: Wimbledon, U.S. Open, French Open and Australian Open. Australian Margaret Court did it, in 1970.

The REAL (my adjective) is important to dispel misunderstandings. Usually in the press, a “Grand Slam winner” is a player that wins only one “major”, one time. The REAL“Grand Slam”is the ultimate victory, equivalent to the FIFA World Cup. Williams admits it.

With her victory last week, she had won 21 “majors”, very close to Graf (22) and Court (24).

Her overall performance has not been the best. She has won only 67 singles titles behind Navratilova (167), Evert (154) and Graf (107).

The article reports on the “… momentum building behind the concept of deeming her the greatest player ever.” This is not new. The argument is that she has an unequaled “enduring excellence.” She is winning “majors” since 1999.

I consider this movement unwarranted.

However, at 33, “She just seems to be as fresh as she ever was,” says Navratilova. So, she might beat Court and become a Pele.

We will see.

An aside: Williams has declared that she does NOT like tennis. But it is her job, so she has to excel. She has to eat.

That’s OK with me.



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